Our Story

Stacy Worley and Stacie Beam-Bruce at their first immersion,  Surrender to Release.

Stacy Worley and Stacie Beam-Bruce at their first immersion, Surrender to Release.


“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

We never knew what would unfold when our first immersion, Surrender to Release: An Experiential Journey through the Self, was born. 

We (Stacie and Stacy) live 5 hours apart in different states. Our paths had only crossed 3 months before, as each was delving deeper into her own journey of self-discovery and transformative healing work. 

Our connection was immediately clear. We exchanged snarky comments and talked politics. We laughed over nothing and cried our way through old aches. We offered each other our knowledge to help the other more fully express her purpose and passion. We didn’t deny it for a moment--there was just something there. From an inner knowing, we found ourselves compelled to do things out of character, stretching in ways that felt equally foreign and exactly right. Soon our families were part of this evolution: traveling between states, sharing space, merging weekends and holidays.

As it turns out, we had more than banter that we longed to express. Through our different practices of Hypnotherapy and Breathwork (Stacie) and Ayurveda and Yoga (Stacy), there was a shared desire to help others deeply experience their capacity for transformation and healing. Knocking at the doors of our hearts, we heard a shared beckoning: guide others in becoming more alive.   

So now what? 

Next there were Sunday afternoon workshops (Transformational Breathwork, Gentle Yoga, and Yoga Nidra) that filled our hearts and affirmed our suspicions that we had something truly meaningful to offer together. And just as we were asking our workshop participants to go deeper, our own call to expansion became clear: offer a 3-Day Immersion.  

And so we did. During our very first 3-Day Immersion, Surrender to Release, we joined our participants in the sacred container of our collective creation. We declared an experiential Inner Revolution. We let go, dove in, and emerged ALIVE.