Our Team

“Expressing who we truly are—beyond fear and past conditioning—is within each and every person’s reach. With gratitude, we are honored to guide those who seek to enrich their lives, reclaim their bodies, understand their emotions, and operate from the conscious awareness of their true Being.”
-Stacie and Stacy


Stacie Beam-Bruce, LICSW, ACHt

Stacie is a wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, teacher, essential oil enthusiast, and lover of all forms of emotional, mental, and spiritual expansion. Helping people find their way through anxiety, fear, grief, and depression is what lights her up. Guided by the belief that we all have the capability to heal from within, she shares powerful tools and practices to facilitate transformation and healing. Stacie is the owner and operator of Centerpoint Hypnotherapy & Counseling in North Bend, WA.

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Stacy Worley, CAS, RYT500

Stacy is a wife, mother, animal-lover, disciple, clinical Ayurvedic practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, registered Yoga teacher, and passionate about guiding others toward full and meaningful lives. She is a fellow traveler on the lifelong journey of fulfillment and wellness, which she nourishes with a dedicated meditation practice as taught by the Self-Realization Fellowship. She is grateful for every opportunity to connect with others and share how to overcome life’s challenges and embrace the potential of each day. Stacy is the owner and operator of Five Element Living Ayurveda and practices in Lincoln City, OR and North Bend, WA.